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Digital Denture Scanning

Intra-oral vs. Box Scanning

We recommend starting with an IOS scanner if you want to focus on immediate dentures and partials Dentures.  We recommend a box scanner if you are only going to purchase one scanner and want to produce all types of dentures.

Trios 4 Scanner_edited.png

Intra-oral scanning (IOS)

Intra-oral scanners are becoming more popular as they avoid the need for impression trays, impression material, stone etc. IOS is also great for immediate dentures with an established bite.  IOS also works well when there are mobile teeth which may be extracted with impressions. Any cross-arch distortion is compensated with tissue conditioner.

Recommended use:

Partial Dentures

Immediate dentures


Not Ideal for Complete Dentures and Implant cases



Box Scanning

Box scanners can be used to scan stone / plaster models, bite registrations, bite blocks / triple trays etc. Box scanners are more versatile and have increased cross arch accuracy as less images are stitched together compared to IOS. 

Recommended use:

Scanning dentures

Full arch restorations / Implants

Scanning impressions or models

Partial Dentures


Still requires conventional impression

Spray required for some materials


Medit Logo

We recommend MEDIT & 3Shape scanners

We recommend MEDIT box scanners because of the blue light technology which does not require the use of any spray when scanning reflective objects such as dentures. 

We recommend 3Shape and MEDIT IOS (Intra-oral Scanners) due to their great accuracy, support / support groups and ease of use.


Workflow for Dentures

From Wax-up
Combine Scans

(Denture Scan)

From Existing denture
Combine scans

(Appliance Scan)

Other Tips & Tricks

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