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Computer Assisted Design (CAD) 

3Shape or Exocad

At the end of the day, they are both great software platforms that can make great dentures. 

Shop for support! If you have colleagues who already use one of these platforms and is willing to help you, choose that software. If you have a great sales rep who is willing to support you through the transition, go with them.


Don't choose based on price. "Struggling business owners will spend time to save money, whereas successful business owners will spend money to save time." 


The most popular design software with great support / peer support and great integration between scanners / software. Widely considered to be the "Apple" of the industry. 


The less popular, but potentially most powerful design software with great flexibility in workflow. Widely considered to be the "Android" / PC of the industry. 

In-house or Outsource


In-house - We suggest that users design their own dentures using 3Shape or Exocad. Other software's such as Inlab, Dentca etc. will also work just fine. If you are in need of scanners, software or 3D printers, please contact us and we will connect you with a reseller. 

Outsource -  We have partnered with great designers who work on a per case basis. It is important to take the time to properly build out your preferences and learn how best to work with an outsourced designer. 

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