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4 simple digital denture workflows and how they work

Creating great-looking, lightweight dentures has never been easier. Just send us over an STL file, and we'll take care of it at our milling centre.


Once it's done, we'll send it straight back to you. From denture relines to denture repairs, our digital denture workflow ensures precision and ease every step of the way.

It's that easy. ANY CAD software, ANY Scanner. 


Combine your traditional techniques with our unique digital workflow for accurate and timely results.


Simply start with your wax-up denture on your model, and let our digital technology take care of the rest.

Step 1: Do what you've always done. Wax-up denture on model

Step 2: Scan wax-up on model

Step 3: Send to Perfit

Denture Wax Up Sample
New Impression On Denture For Reline


Give your patient a high-quality new denture based on your impression of their old denture.


Start your denture reline the way you always do, send the scan to us, and we will create a brand new digital denture for you.

Step 1: Do what you've always done. Take new impression inside denture

Step 2: Scan reline denture 

Step 3: Send to Perfit


Denture repairs are easier than ever. Simply glue the denture back together and scan the wax-up, then send it to us.


We will mill you a brand new digital denture that can easily be redone if your patient happens to break or lose their new denture.

Step 1: Do what you've always done. Glue back together

Step 2: Scan wax-up on model

Step 3: Send to Perfit

Broken Denture Beside Fixed Digital Denture
Example of denture impression using CAD software


Creating dentures has never been more simple. Start by designing your denture using any CAD software you're comfortable with.

Then export the file and send it to us - we'll take care of the rest.

Step 1: Design denture using any CAD software

Step 2: Export try-in / merged file

Step 3: Send to Perfit

Why go with digital dentures?​

Since its conception, the denture-making process has stayed relatively the same, but digital dentures are quickly emerging as a game-changer because of the wide range of benefits they offer to both you and the patient.


Digital dentures are crafted based on exact measurements from scans, ensuring a snug and comfortable fit for patients.


With the digital process, dentures can be prepared faster, benefiting both dental professionals and patients.


Every denture is made using a straightforward and standardized process, ensuring consistent quality every time.


In the case of a damaged or lost denture, the digital model can be used to quickly recreate a new one.

ready to go digital?

Transitioning to digital dentures is a step forward in dental technology.


If you have questions or are ready to start working with our digital workflows, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team at Perfit is eager to assist.

Learn More about Perfit Digital Dentures

Thank you!

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