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Introducing the
Perfit GTR

Peace of Mind Production

The Perfit GTR is a Digital Denture solution designed to save time and money while providing an easy solution for all types of dentures. 

You can either mill your dentures in-house, or send them to our Milling Centre. 

Find the best solution for YOU

2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners) (5).png

Let the Mills do the work

We make digital Dentures easy

josh brooks denturist.png

"The Perfit workflow has completely transformed how I practice. I now have 5 Perfit GTR Mills and produce up to 200 dentures / month. My clinic and milling centre are growing quickly. After 3,000+ digital dentures, I could never go back. The workflow is so easy that my 15 year old son helps operate the mills on weekends. I'm now doing the same volume on my own digitally as I was with 2 denturists in the analog world."

Josh Brooks

Denturist - Washington State



Stop sending out valuable work - Produce EVERYTHING in house!

Save time & save money, while delivering premium quality.

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Perfit Partials_edited.png



Fully Digital
Partial Dentures

Hybrid Implant

Perfit Hybrid.png

How it works

How it works.png

Simply upload your STL file. We take care of the rest.

We'll give you everything you need to mill in-house or Mill & ship from our milling centre. 

Germen Versteeg_edited.png

"I have been beta testing Perfit partials for the last 2 years and we've come a long way! It now takes me 15-30 minutes of total time to scan and produce a digital partial dentures. I spend 5-10 minutes scanning and 10-20 minutes finishing and inserting. After 140+ digital partials, this workflow has completely transformed how I make RPD's. I've scaled this to all of my denture shops in the Netherlands and plan on offering this to other denturists in Europe as well."

Germen Versteeg

Denturist - Netherlands

The Perfit Difference

This is more than a mill, this is a full solution for digital dentures.

Perfit combines a high power mill with patent pending workflows designed to reduce the amount of labour needed to produce all types of dentures. 

Learn More about

How we Compare

We set out to develop a system for ALL types of digital dentures

2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners) (1).png
2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners) (1).png

This partial is

Directly out of the mill

2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners) (2).png
2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners) (2).png

"These dentures just drop in. They are the best RPD's I've made and patients love them. I really like being able to design them myself and having essentially 0 lab work."

Jeremy den Oden

Denturist - Vancouver, BC
(Milling Centre Customer)

Difficult cases

with minimal occlusal space

The denture specialists.png
Chris Chapman_edited.png

"Perfit really took the time to understand our needs prior to diving in. Their ROI calculator helped us understand the impact that this technology could have on our clinic based on our goals. We really like the simplicity of the Perfit solution and the ability to focus on what we do best."

Chris Chapman

Denturist - Oregon, USA

Lets Get Digital

Join the Program and Rediscover Your Confidence

Clinic Review

As former denture clinic owners, we can work out an accurate ROI calculator and see if it makes sense for your clinic to consider outsourcing to a milling centre or milling on-site. 


Action Plan

Based on the needs of your clinic, we'll recommend equipment / a transition strategy based on your timeline. Every clinic is different and it generally comes down to the volume and on-site staffing. 


Learn More about

Perfit Digital Dentures

Thank you!

2023 - Perfit (Mill Owners).png

Lifetime Partner Warranty

Like any hardware, mills have to be properly operated and maintained. As a Perfit partner, you will never have to worry about your mill. If your mill has an issue 5 years from now, Perfit will re-route all work to our milling centre and cover 50% of any repair fees. We're in this together!  

Family at a Beach

Let the mills do the work

Feel confident that your dentures are produced to the highest quality... even when you're thousands of miles away!

Simplicity + Consistency = Success 

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